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In thepast several limbshadbeen

proppedwith lengthsof yewwood and

two cableshadbeen installed to keep

the trunk from splitting. InFebruary

oneof the two cablebraces failed and

a large crack appeared in the trunkof

the tree.Thiswasnoticedbyoneof

the sitewardens and the council’s tree

teamwere informed.

During the tree inspection closeattention

waspaid to thepatternof the crack to

ascertainwhichpartof the treehad

movedand inwhatdirection.The trunk

is very largeandmostlyhollow. There

are twodistinct stems,onemuch larger

than theother.The cable that failed

wasbetween the two stemsandwhen

it snappeda large longitudinal crack

opened –approximately 5cmwideat the

topand taperingas it extendeddownby

approximately1m,atwhichpoint therewas

some sheer cracking.The crownof the

tree isasymmetric; the trunk leansand the

majorityof the crown is to the south-east

of the trunk. Itappeared tous that the tree

hadmoved towards the south-west.

Just2miles from the centreofBristol, the

AshtonCourt estate isamajor recreational

area forBristolandNorthSomerset.With

over 1.6million visitorsannually, it is the

UK’s thirdbusiest countrypark.With this

many visitorsanunstable tree requires

attention toprotect the visitingpublic.

After the inspection itwas clear that

swiftactionwasneeded to stop the tree

from collapsing.Wedecided that the

bestapproachwouldbe to replace the

oldprops toprevent the tree from falling

down.Two temporarybraces comprised

of ropeswithwebbing stopswere installed

immediately to try to stop further cracking

before thepropswere installed.Wealso

installedanacropropasa temporary

support for the largest limb. Thearea

around the treewas fencedoff toprevent

visitors from entering the target zone.

We contactedRupertNewmanofa local

firm calledWestwindOakwho specialise






thepropswithusandwithhelp from two

structural engineers.

Wedecided tomake thepropsoutof

very chunkyoakbeams (25cm×15cm).

Severaldesignswerediscussedand finally

wedecided togo foranA-framewitha


beenused togive eachprop extra stability.

The scissorheadwasusedbecause trees

suchas thishave thepotential tomove in

severaldirections,and in this case there

wasa real riskof torsion loading causing

the tree to twist (severalof theold yew

propshad started to lean). Interestingly

a similardesignhasbeenused toprop

the famousKettsOak inNorfolk; thatwas

propped in the1960switha singleprop

and it remains standing today.

The typeof foundations tousewas

a cause for concern. The engineers

recommended concrete foundationsdug

into theground.Wewereagainst thisas

it could cause significant rootdamage.

We considered screw-pilesbutdecided

against thembecausewewouldhavehad

to employ contractors to install them in

precise locationsand itwouldalsohave

requiredprecision in theplacingof the

The two largestprops requiredmechanical assistance toput inplace.





It’s a Le Mans Wo

Zoos are great, but wildlife reserves are

better. To see animals in their natural habitat

is always better than seeing them on display.

And so it is with classic cars, which is what

makes Le Mans Classic so special.

The classic car spotting starts on the drive down to

the port.Aswe get closer the number of classics seen

in their natural habitat steadily increases, until in the

queue for the ferry classic cars are in themajority.

Once across theChannel and en route to LeManswe

continually pass, and get passed by, classics in the

wild. The Ferrari F40 is awonderful car to see at a

show, but it’s somuchmore impressivewhen you are

passed by one driven at full tilt, as itsmaker intended.

Wemade the trip to LeMans in a group of seven

cars, three of them oldBMWs:MartinRogers’ E3

2500,SteveHouse’s E12M535i andmy E9CSL.Driving

old cars long distances ismuchmore involved than

driving amodern.Wewere fortunate to off-load heavy

kit into themoderns so as not to stress the old frames

toomuch, butwe still drovewith half an eye on the

gauges and nostrils flared, ears pricked for unusual

smells or sounds (“Is that clutch smellme or the TR4

ahead?”) The old things didwell though, and easily

kept upwith themoderns, although theM535iwore

out awheel bearing and had to take the final few

hundredmiles a little easier.

LeMansClassic is held every two years and is 24

hours of classic car racing, but not continuously. There

are six categories of cars, from pre-war to 1979, and

each has three, one hour races in the 24 hour period;

one ofwhich is in darkness. The grids are hugewith

68 classic cars in each race and, given their value, they

representmanymillions of poundsworth ofmetal, each

ofwhich is determined to go faster than the one in

front. ForBMW fans,while the pre-war grid contained

three 328s,most interestwas in grid six for cars from


CSLs, a



class i

had a







24hoursofclassiccar racingeveryother year–

‘animals in theirnaturalhabitat!’

A ‘wrong’ turn findsuson thecircuit


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Science & Opinion



Devon style

Tony lane is the senior

consultant of a M lane ltd,

Tree and Safety consultants,

and practises in arboricultural

consultancy as well as giving

safety advice to businesses

in the land-based sector.

This is his account of a ‘once

in a lifetime’ arboricultural


“Young Guns – Born to win”

Welcome to The 2012 Festival of Speed

racers includingJensonButton, LewisHamilton

andMarkWebber screech their F1chariotsup

thehill.Youcouldn’t seeamorediverse rangeof

vehiclesbothondisplayandattempting thehill

anywhere.The spectrumondisplay ranged from

200mph supercars to steam-poweredcarriages

of the 19thCentury,and from 3000bhp top fuel

dragsters toclassic rallycarsevena racing

truck.This year’s FestivalofSpeedattracted

theheroicand theevocative fromeveryera in

anexuberantdisplayof style, sound, smelland



Britain’spreciousmotoringand racing traditions,

embodied this yearbyJaguarheroesSirStirling

MossandNormanDewis,who took repeatedly

to the track,waving to theeffusivecrowd, in


pointon the start line theywerechatting so

animatedlyaboutoldadventures that the starter

had to interrupt them todrop the flag. Itwas such

sights thatmade thewhole thingworthwhile.

The 2012 FestivalofSpeed themewas

‘YoungGuns–Born toWin’,celebratingdrivers,

riders,designersandengineerswhose supreme

talentand insatiable thirst for speed shocked

theestablishment,affording them immediate

superstar statusandmadehistory.

Throughoutmotor sporthistory,anelite

groupofnewcomershaveannounced their

arrivalon theworld stagewithperformances so

stunningas to instantly rewrite the statusquo.

FromBerndRosemeyerandMikeHawthorn, to

Emerson Fittipaldiand LewisHamilton,Mike

HailwoodandValentinoRossi, toHenriToivonen

andColinMcRae,allmadean impact thatwasas

immediateas it is indelible.

The 2012 FestivalofSpeedcelebrated the

careersof theseovernight sensations– some

ofwhom fulfilled their fullpromise;otherswho

shonebrieflybefore fading;butallofwhom

secured theirown specialplace inmotor sport’s

rich tapestry.

Alongside thiscentral theme, the 2012

Festivalcelebrated thepast,presentand future

achievementsof Lotusas thispioneering

British raceand sportscarmanufacturermarks

anumberof importantanniversaries in 2012.

Inspiredby the incomparableColinChapman,

this smallBritishcompanyutilisedunparalleled

technical ingenuity todominateall levelsof

motor sport, fromclub racing to Formula 1,

creatingagloriousandenduring legacy.A

spectacularcollectionofwinning Lotuscars,

from F1, Indycars, saloonsand sportscars,were

akeyattractionat this year’s Festival.


Trader, returned for the third timeonThursday in

2012. It isan importantaddition to the Festival

ofSpeed,enablinga limitednumberof lucky


chance to see the very latestmodelsupclose

for the first time in theUK,and in somecases,

alsoclimbaboardandexperience the vehicles

first-hand strictlyat the invitationof the

attending vehiclemanufacturers.BMWUKhad

a fleetof F10M5s to shoot luckycustomersand

corporateguestsup theHill throughout theday


TheMovingMotorShow isadirect response

to thecontinuedenthusiasmanddemand from

vehiclemanufacturersandmotoring fans for


LordMarch and theGoodwood organisers

have a genuine passion formotor sport.After

all,motor sport is in their bloodwithmotor

racing roots going back to the 1930s.

In the summerof 1936 theEarlofMarchand 9th

DukeofRichmond–betterknownas the talented

automotivedesigner,engineer, racingdriver

andBrooklandswinner FreddieMarch–held

aprivatehillclimb for the LanciaCarClubat

GoodwoodHouse.Hewon it,naturally,and in

doing so inspiredhisgrandson, thepresentEarl

ofMarch, tocreateanewandexciting racing

eventathis familyhome. The resultingevent

was the FestivalofSpeed.

The inauguraleventwasheld in the summer

of 1993,andattracted 25,000 spectators.

Today, the FestivalofSpeedhasbecome

firmlyestablishedas themustattendannual

celebrationofmotoringculture. Itsenduring

popularitymeansentrance isnowcapped

withadmission strictlybyadvance ticketonly.

Visitors travel fromallover theworld toattend.

TheGoodwood FestivalofSpeed isnow

considered tobe the largestmotoringgarden

party in theworld.Normallyaunique summer

weekend thatbrings togetheran impossibly

headymixofcars, starsandmotor sport ‘royalty’

tocreate the largestcarcultureevent in the

world.Theonly thingmissing this yearwas the

wall towall sunshine,aprettyconsistent feature

ofmostevents this summer.The Festival,held

in the immaculategroundsofGoodwoodHouse

features thenowannualhill-climbeventbringing

a truecelebrationofmotor sportandall things

automotive. Luckily, intermittent sun shone

enough through theweekend tomake thisoneof

thehappiesteventsever,andoneof the largest.

Early reportsputattendanceat the ticket-only

eventat themagic 200,000 theorganisershave

been seeking for thepast few years.

The Festival’s secret is tocombine the

spectacularlypredictable– suchasmost F1

teams smokelydemonstrating theircarsa

weekbefore they take to theBritishGPgridat

Silverstone–with thenewandunexpected.


thehillclimbandnow includesahostofother

adrenaline-fuelledattractions.These includea

challenging loose-surface ForestRallyStage,

thehigh-speedSupercarRun, theCartier ‘Style

et Luxe’concoursd’elegance,worlddebutsof

newcarmodelsand the ‘FoS-TECH’ technology

pavilionwith itsadvancedautomotive

technologydisplays.The FoS-TECHdisplay,

populatedmostlywithelectriccars, featured

futuristicofferings fromeveryone fromMorgan

toKia,and theevocative FordEVOSconcept.

Today the FestivalofSpeed’sextraordinary

atmosphereanduniquely intoxicatingblendof

speedanddramamakes itamust foreveryone

that relishes theprospectofgettingupclose to

both thepriceless vehiclesand famous racing

drivers, ridersandcelebrities.

Noothereventcombines suchadiverseand


a star-studded line-upofdrivers inoneplace.

This yearwasnoexceptionandover thecourse

of theeventwewould seecurrent Formula 1

GerryJudah’sgigantic sculpturecelebrating

Lotusas leadingmarque in 2012



CarClubMagazine 45




No 346Dec 2011/J n 2012

Newsletter of theVeteran-CycleClub • Founded in 1955 as SouthernVeteran-CycleClub


Stay in the tranquil hinterland of Brittany SW of historic

Dinan.Good cycling onwell-surfaced, traffic-free roads

and lanes.Local sign-postedATB circuit through idyllic

countryside.Walk along forest paths.Visit the coast for

quiet beaches and spectacular scenery.Good, cheap


Or relax in our peaceful garden

looking south over a fishing lake.

One hour from StMalo, the house facing open

countryside sleeps up to 10 in four bedrooms.

Allmod cons plus t/tennis and BBQ.

Equipped for


romantic cottage

in grounds – ideal for couple butwould take three.

Selection of bikes.

From £180 perweek

Anne& Les Bowerman

01483 224876

If you arenotRidingor

Restoring thenwhynot

Research theLibrarywebsite?

You can enter from theV-CCwebsiteor the

NationalCycleCollectionhomepage. If it’s

your first time youneed to registerwith your

membershipnumber.Create yourusername

andpassword and you are away!

Back copiesof




canbedownloaded aswell asover5,000other

items includingmany cycle catalogues.

We encourage you to scan


Please apply toRayMiller

by emailon rayj.miller@

for anote

on scanningpolicy and





Followingour recenthighly successful salewhere yet again,

over 94%of the lots entered foundnewhomes andover

150 enthusiasts registered tobidon theday.








Already consigned to this ever-popular sale is aone-owner

collectionofbicyclesand tricycles to include a splendid

c1885Quadrant TricycleCompany

No. 8Gentleman’s Tricycle


Thismachine is anolder restoration andhas justbeen removed from long-term storage. It is in splendid,useable condition

andwillbeoneof severalhigh-qualitymachinesoffered at this sale. Therewill alsobe agood selectionof lightweights,

roadsters, ladiesmachines, literature, signage and cycling accoutrementsonoffer.

We arenow accepting further entries for this sale.

Please telephonePeterCardon0146055955 foraconfidentialanddiscreetdiscussionaboutyourcollectionor single item,and the likelyvalue

ofyourpropertyatauction.Alternatively,youmayprefer towrite tohimat theaboveaddress.






Please contact:






Member’s classified ads should still be sent toPhil (see page 3)



isnot the only journal

concernedwith cyclinghistory.

Each quarter


carriesmuch of interest to

veteran cycle enthusiasts aswell as

enabling you tomake and renew

friendships, offer and seek advice

and express an opinion.

Fordetails& sample send£1 in stamps to: JohnWood,

95ACornwallRd.,Midanbury,SouthamptonSO18 2QX

N&V 346Covers.indd 1

22/11/2011 10:33