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Quorum Print Services Ltd

Units 3&4 Lansdown Industrial Estate

Gloucester Road


Gloucestershire GL51 8PL

T 01242 584984

F 01242 527634



Proofing Made Easy

When Quorum’s studio lays out your

magazine, “Proofstream” lets you check

proofs quickly and easily on line.

There’s now a new way to look at proofs. Instead of relying on paper proofs sent in the post, or PDF

files sent by email, Quorum’s Proofstream system allows you to view the finished pages instantly in

your computer’s web browser.

There’s no need for you to install special software. The hassle of delayed post or lost email attachments

disappears. As soon as Quorum staff have completed a page or article, you can view it immediately —

wherever you have a computer (including iPad) and an internet connection.

Proofstream allows you to show corrections or sign off pages on screen, it lets you view the current

status of all pages in the magazine, and it automatically sends an email alert when you have finished

with a page or if another is ready for you to view.

If several people need to see proofs

that’s no problem either — as many as

necessary can use the system. And all will

be viewing current versions of pages, so

mix-ups won’t happen. No pages will be

passed for press until everyone concerned

has signed them off.

It won’t be appropriate for everyone,

but for larger, more complex magazines

Proofstream automates and speeds up the

entire production process.